Saturday, April 07, 2007

Rise and Shine

Whether or not you look forward to bunnies bringing chocolate eggs, or believe in the literal truth of the resurrection, the imagery of Easter is moving and powerful, especially if you manage to celebrate this day of rebirth by watching the dawning sun rise in a place of beauty. “Easter Sunrise” services are held in a variety of locations all over the country, such as the Confederate Mount Rushmore at Stone Mountain outside Atlanta Georgia – home of the “World’s Largest Easter Egg Hunt”, while the longest-running Easter Sunrise service I know about has been held since 1909 on Mount Rubidoux, in Riverside, California. Snowy mountaintops are surprisingly popular, especially atop peaks in ski resorts in New England, judging by quantity of links there are on Google . One of my favorite Easter Sunrise experiences is held annually at the rim of Royal Gorge in the Rocky Mountains, high above the Arkansas River; another lovely one is held at nearby (and appropriately named…) Garden of the Gods, near the foot of Pike’s Peak.

Wherever the day finds you, Happy Easter!

(And if anyone out there knows of a place where they still have an Easter Parade, I’d love to hear about it!)


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Thanks for pointing out some cool information on Easter in America.

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