Monday, September 13, 2010

Mom and Me -- from New England to Utah

Hey Jamie!

I've only just begun to browse through your website, but am so thankful I've stumbled upon it this early in the web-search game for road trip ideas. What an overwhelming search! I'm off to hunt down your book tomorrow, but in the mean time (or in addition to), thought you might have a few suggestions for us.

To make a long story short, I'm headed back out west for a more committed/full time move. I'm 28, have lived in Utah twice previously (both times as a kid), and moved away from the mountains the last time to the east coast to finish up University and continue to pursue a career in professional sailing. Nearly 10 years later, the mountains, and my roots, are calling to me yet again, and the gravitational pull of the west has us heading out to Alta, Utah!

My mom, who at about my same age a 'few' years ago, decided sight unseen to head to Utah and start a life of her own (with a few roommates in tow). SO- in a sense, this could be quite a sentimental trip for us both.

We're both quite independent, love national parks, taking photos of anything old, worn, used/loved, and has a story- people, towns, signs included. Love the road, want to venture off of it where possible, wildlife, wildflowers, music, GOOD FOOD, a decent place to rest our heads... but also want to get out to SLC in decent (ish) time.

Wow, sort of sounds like a personal ad, doesn't it!

At any rate- I'll keep cruising around your website, taking it all in, and looking out for anything else you might have to add!

Thanks for all the info, look forward to hearing from you,

~ Tara


Hi Tara --

Many thanks for your intriguing letter -- sorry it took me a while to get back to you, but I hope I can help, even though you may well be "home"in Utah by now.

Since you & your Mom are making a pretty quick trip across the USA, and time seems to be of the essence, I will suggest just one stop which combines national parks and maybe some wildflowers, though September is a bit late: the columbines and other jewels of Rocky Mountain National Park, which I don;t cover in my books but which you can visit pretty efficiently by following US-40 northwest from Denver. US-40, aka the "National Road" & "Victory Highway," is a really great old road, and brings you in the "back way" to Salt Lake City, via the dinosaurs of Vernal Utah and Timpanogos Cave.

Hope these ideas help you find some fun -- if not now, then for your _next _ road trip.

Happy Trails,

Jamie Jensen
Road Trip USA


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