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Best Coast for road trips?

Hi Jamie, excellent website, great help!

My name's Nick and my brother and I are planning a possible road trip through America next summer (I am 25 and he will be 21). We are a pair of film makers and intend to treat half of the trip as holiday and half of it as an opportunity to create a great road trip video that includes amazing scenery as well as some funny happenings.

We are thinking of taking one of your routes and its either going to be Route 1 down the pacific or route 6 down the Atlantic.

Which one would you propose is the best for the following...

Amazing scenery
Great partying and nights out
Largest options for places to stay
nicest locals (we wanna avoid the scary hitchikers from all the horror road movies, hehe)
easiest roads

I was aiming for your Pacific Coast Highway "Route 1" originally, but your East Coast Route 6 seems rather nice after reading, and perhaps not so far out of our comfort zone, not that we aren't prepared to be uncomfortable :)

If you could chuck me a quick reply with the route you think is best for this trip I would really appreciate that.

Many thanks



Hi Nick --

Many thanks for writing in to Road Trip USA, and if you like the website, I bet you'd love the book, which has tons more full color photos and info and maps, too.

Choosing between the two coastal trips is a tough call -- if you're after partying / fun and funky older Americana, I'd recommend the East Coast route, which passes through a lot of established summer beach resorts (Atlantic City and Wildwood NJ, Ocean City MD, Myrtle Beach SC and many "party towns" in Florida). There are also some cool historic sights -- like Savannah Georgia -- plus miles of wide open beaches. If you can add in a run to the north, the New England coast, especially Cape Cod, it's a wonderful trip.

Then again, the West Coast has some wild big cities -- San Francisco and Los Angeles -- and much more spectacular scenery, like the coastline of Big Sur.

Maybe you could do a little of each, linked by a wild ride across the USA?

And I'm sure the locals, and the roads, will be very welcoming wherever you go.

I know this reply may not make your make your decision any easier, but you'll have a blast for sure, one way or the other.

Happy Trails,

Jamie Jensen
Road Trip USA

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