Wednesday, December 15, 2010

US41 - Dixie Highway

Hey there Road Trip USA !

I really enjoy your site. My blue PT Cruiser and I have seen over 100,000 road miles in 3 years. Question for you: Why don't you include US 41? It begins in Copper Harbor, MI and goes all the way to Miami, FL. I did it in two parts and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

I plan to do the US 20 drive in 2011.

Keep up the good work!

Brenda from Texas


Hi there Brenda --

Many thanks for your message, and your kind words about the Road Trip USA website. (Have you checked out my book? that's even more full of fun!)

I'm impressed by your US41 trips, and have done quite a lot of the route myself (one of my all time favorite road songs is the Allman Brothers Ramblin' Man --
"..I was born in the back seat of Greyhound bus, rollin' down Highway 41..."!)

100K in 3 years -- that's pretty impressive. For your sake, I hope most of these miles have been off the Interstates, far away from commuter traffic...


About US41, when I was first working on the book (20 odd years, and 6 editions ago...!) , the Dixie / US41 was a main contender, but as the book got bigger and bigger, to save space I sort of gave up on the "diagonal" routes, with the exception of everybody's favorite, Route 66.

But now that you remind me how important -- and cool -- US41 is, I am going to try to squeeze it back in. (And if I ever figure out how to do an "eBook" or "app" version, then word count is no longer an issue.) At first I may do "The Dixie" as a feature, as I do for the Lincoln Highway, but I'll definitely do my best to do US41 justice. Are there any favorite stops or sights you think I really really HAVE to include?

And do let me know what you get up to on US20 next year -- I'm going to be doing some that route again too, so maybe we can compare notes.

Thanks again for writing, and please keep in touch.

Happy Trails,

Jamie Jensen
Road Trip USA


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