Friday, February 04, 2011

LA to Idaho -- for the Beagle Hotel!

Dear Jamie,

Some friends and I are planning a road trip for two weeks, flying into Los Angeles, driving up the California coast then looping into Idaho (for the dog-friendly Dog Bark Park, aka the "Beagle Hotel!") and back down to LA.

I’m struggling to find out a few details, firstly if we have enough time for this in two weeks, and how much it would cost us in gas! Also a few websites have suggested rental companies might have a problem with us crossing state lines, have you ever come across that?!

The site is awesome, off to look up the book now!



Hi Clare --

Thanks for writing in to Road Trip USA -- and thanks for pointing me toward the Beagle Hotel, which I had never come across before.

What a cool road trip destination!

First off I don't think you have to worry about crossing state lines in a rental car -- that kind of limit would probably be an illegal restraint on interstate commerce or something -- but you probably should't drive into Mexico unless you get permission from the rental car company, and special insurance, as well.

For the trip you outline, two weeks should be plenty of time -- though you didn't specify what time of year you are plotting this adventure. (Driving in winter can be a lot slower than summer time..) According to my rough calculations, heading from LA, up the lovely CA coast, over to Idaho and back down to LA (maybe via Las Vegas & the amazing wildlands of southern Utah - Zion and Monument Valley?), I figure you will drive something like 3000 miles. At an average of 30 mpg, that's roughly 100 gallons of fuel -- which will cost you around $350.

$20 a day -- not bad, even with ever-rising prices. Which imho is why road-tripping around the USA is still such great value (of course, you'll have to pay some more $$ for food and lodging). But for two glorious weeks, you'll be having the time of your life...

Hope this helps -- Happy Trails,

Jamie Jensen
Road Trip USA


Thank you Jamie!

Your book should be hitting my doormat today, really looking forward to reading it...



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