Friday, September 16, 2011

Alabama to Nigara Falls

Dear Jamie,

My husband and I are retirees who have decided to hit the road for a trip from our home in Birmingham,AL, to visit friends at their summer home in northern Vermont. We would like to take 2 routes, maybe going up the east coast and returning through the mid-Atlantic region. My husband wants to see Niagara Falls before we return south.

We will drive our car and want to stay in B&B's,old inns, or just chain motels when convenient and practical. We plan to take plenty of picnic supplies so that we can enjoy as many lunches outdoors as possible. We plan to take this trip in mid-to-late September of this year (maybe this week!).

How long should we plan for the trip?

What would you suggest for, generally, the best routes?

Many thanks,



Dear Merry --

Many thanks for writing in to Road Trip USA, and sorry it took me until now to get back to you. I hope you are still planning to take the trip!

The best "Road Trip USA" route to get you from Birmingham to Vermont would be the Appalachian Trail, which has everything you are looking for -- B&Bs and picnic spots in abundance. The scenic roads along the mountains are lovely, and there are enough faster roads and freeways nearby (like I-81 thru the Shenandoah Valley) so you don't have to spend forever getting there and back (and Vermont is one of the prettiest places in the country, so I wouldn't want to exhaust you getting there).

To come back via Niagara Falls is no problem -- and while you are in western NY (cruising around the Finger Lakes region on the way. which I describe in my US-20 / "Oregon Trail" road trip -- I'd also recommend a stop at Chautauqua NY, which is another very special place.

Hope this helps --

Happy Trails,

Jamie Jensen
Road Trip USA


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