Monday, July 10, 2006

Road Trip Podcasts!

Just when you thought it was safe to go online... We've put together a series of "podcasts" to get you in the mood to hit the highway. The first two are "up" and ready to go, with more in the pipeline.

The first podcast takes music as its theme, and in it I talk about various places to go where you can experience the joys of all kinds of all-American music, from the jazz and zydeco of Louisiana to the high-tone classics of the Berkshires. The second podcast takes an audio road trip to some of the many great amusement parks we visit in Road Trip USA. Click on the links below to download the MP3 files:

#1 Music Adventures

#2 Amusement Parks

To subscribe to all Road Trip USA podcasts, visit iTunes here

Happy listening!

--- Jamie Jensen


Anonymous Dennis Bjørn Petersen said...

When I saw you started making podcasts it made my day ;-). My girlfriend and I are huge fans of your books. We bought Road Trip USA (2004)and it really brought us to so many different spots in the USA. We started out in Las Vegas and ended up in Chicago with a lot of detours thanks to your book :-)

Now we are getting ready for yet another road trip. This time a bit shorted from San Fransisco to Las Vegas. We are considering buying your new book. Now the hard question. Where can I compare these two books. Will it give us additional information for that route? We are taking three routes 1, 11 and 2.
Again thank you very much for this brilliant book.


Dennis B. Petersen

8:44 AM  

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