Friday, June 22, 2007

NY Times Hits the Road

If you’re getting ready for a road trip and want to get in the spirit, or if you like the idea of hitting the road but can't spare the time or money right now, hop in the virtual driver's seat and tag along a twelve-week, who-knows -how-many- 1000s-of-mile-journey around the continental USA. Funded by the New York Times travel section with a $100-a-day budget, and cruising the backroads and byways in an elderly Volvo wagon, the Frugal Traveler (aka Matt Gross) is taking the long way home, driving between New York City and Seattle.

The route seems open to suggestion, from readers and the roads alike, and so far it’s been a fairly down-to-earth trip, as Matt stops to take photos of old “Mail Pouch Tobacco” barns, eat fried chicken in Georgia and sip whiskey in Kentucky, listen to handmade music in Iowa, and generally enjoy the delights of the American Road.

Follow his progress, which is documented in stories, photos and videos, by clicking here:

(You may need to register to see the whole shebang!)

Happy Trails, and Happy Summer!


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