Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Hit The Road!

It’s been an eventful year since I last had much to say here, so to counteract all the recent economic gloom-and-doom I’ve got some good news: the newest, latest and most up-to-datest edition of Road Trip USA is on its way to a bookshelf near you. Fully updated and finely-tuned suggestions of what to see do and enjoy along more than 35,000 miles of all-American (and a wee bit Canadian, too) highways are there, alongside the usual trusty maps, brilliant photos and oddball marginalia.

The website will be updated (soon), too.

So, with gas prices dropping back below the crazy heights they reached last year, baseball season getting underway and scents of springtime in the air, maybe it’s time to take a break from the downturn, get out on the road and remember what it feels like to have FUN.

To celebrate the launch of the new – 5th! – edition, I’ll be joining with a select dozen or so other blogs and web-writers out there, to share some of the pleasures and excitement of off-the Interstate road trip travel.

And to show off the huge diversity of detailed information contained in Road Trip USA, I’d also like to make the special offer of genuinely FREE personalized travel-planning advice to interested readers—tell me where and when you think you want to go, what you like to do and other salient details, and I’ll do an ad-hoc equivalent of those old Auto Club "TripTiks“, and suggest all sorts of possibilities for on-the-road fun.

I’m sure other readers will want to offer their suggestions as well, so please drop me a line at the email address below, and let’s get going.

Along with the ~ 900-page "big book“, I’ve also put together a pair of smaller guides to certain very special roads: The Pacific Coast Highway, and of course, Route 66. These are out now, so let me know what you think!

(Next up: GPS-friendly versions, once someone shows me how to upload coordinates and data points and all the other wonderful stuff I’ve been collecting these past 20-odd years...)

For now, enjoy the new books, and Happy Trails,

Jamie Jensen

Here is where to find me, complete with lame-looking but apparently essential spam-busting effort, @ :

RoadTripUSA (AT)



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jamie: I want to see wildflowers in the California desert. Can you suggest a road trip route? Thanks-Rose

6:06 PM  
Blogger Jamie Jensen said...

Hi Rose --

Sorry to say it, but I think you may have missed the CA desert wildflowers this year -- they usually have their peak between mid-March and early April, depending on winter rain, elevation and early spring weather.

For next year, check out this wildflower-specific website:

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