Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day -- Time to Hit the Road

Summer's here -- so let's hit the road! That's what a number of suddenly cheerful newsmedia reports have started saying -- gas prices are down from last year's painful $4-a-gallon peaks, and the economic slowdown has caused hotels to ease their prices.

So, whether or not you manage to hit the road this long weekend, this summer may have some fun for us to look forward to.

"Read all about it" here:

This "The Road Trip is Back!" story is courtesy of Dow Jones Marketwatch. The intro features a Road Trip quote from yours truly, and the whole story includes 5 "Great Road Trips" -- one each of out Southern California, NYC, SF Bay Area, Chicago and Washington DC.

The Auto Club (AAA) has announced the results of its summer travel survey, which seems to say that more people are planning to hit the road this summer than did last summer -- some 32 million people will be taking vacation road trips of 50 miles or more over the 3-day weekend, so drive safely.


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