Thursday, February 25, 2010

First Time Road Trip

Hello Jamie --

hi! i have always wanted to go on a road trip since i was little this was a dream of mine.

Now that i am old enuff and have a reliable car, I am ready to make it happen. I live in north jersey. I am not sure where i should go. Do you have any suggestions?




Dear Gabriel -

Thank you for writing in to Road Trip USA -- and I'm glad to hear you're ready to hit the road. My advice would be to start out by exploring your own backyard: New Jersey has some great "road trip" destinations, from classic roadside diners to beach communities (like Cape May and Wildwood), and lots in between. See what you like.

To help guide you, there are a couple of books dedicated to roadside New Jersey (including a good one with that exact title: Roadside New Jersey, by Peter Genovese), which you can check out a local library along with many other great travel & history books, new and old.

And then , once you've hit the road a few times and gained some confidence, you can take on the wider world -- following the old Lincoln Highway west into Pennsylvania?

Cruise the Appalachian Trail, from the Poconos north into the Hudson Valley NY, or south into the Civil War territory around Antietam MD and Harpers Ferry West Virginia?...

There's no real secret to a good road trip -- just go where you want to go, and do what you like to do.

Have fun, and "Happy Trails",

Jamie Jensen

author, Road Trip USA

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