Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Atlantic Coast road trip

HI There Road Tripper,

I love your website! It’s been such help and inspiration to me as I plan my roadtrip with my girlfriend. We are starting out in NYC, making our way down the east coast (I’m a Baltimore girl myself, and will be excited to be passing through Ocean City again, the site of many childhood summer vacations).

From Savannah, we’d like to turn towards New Orleans. Have you ever made this trip? Do you have suggestions for a route? We google mapped it, and on paper they came up with what looks like a pretty nice drive along the panhandle coast, the “forgotten coast.”

Do you have any suggestions for us? Thank you!



Hi there Amanda --

Thanks for writing in to Road Trip USA -- hope this reaches you before you head off on your trip! I also hope the weather cooperates with your visit to Ocean City, and that enough of the "old time" attractions like Trimpers rides are still going strong -- when do you plan to go??

And ending up at Savannah is a good call -- it is a lovely city, with a lot of character (and a big St Patrick's Day party -- tomorrow!)

I'm glad you like the website, and if you have time I would like to suggest you check out the Road Trip USA Atlantic Coast mini-book I have just published, covering the whole Atlantic Coast route. I updated and re-wrote this last October, while the website info comes from the "big book" of Road Trip USA (which is getting to be a year older...)

Now, about the Florida Panhandle -- I have been there, but just for fun -- I went to see the "ideal town " of Seaside Florida, which is a nifty place just west of Panama City Beach. To me, I'll take the Atlantic (esp the Outer Banks of NC) over the placid Gulf Coast any day -- but that said, the sands along the Gulf are definitely lovely.

My route suggestions would be to stay as close to the water as you can, getting out of the car whenever you spy a pretty strand, then bombing along I-10 into New Orleans, which is great fun and totally fascinating.

Hope this tips help you have fun -- thanks again for checking out my Road Trip USA world.

Happy Trails,

Jamie Jensen



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