Thursday, February 25, 2010

Belgian on Route 66

Hi Mr. Jensen,

My name is Griet and I'm from Belgium. I'm planning a trip to the USA next year and I came across the 'Road Trip USA'-site.

It's an amazing site so thank you for it!

I also have a question. I'm starting my trip by car in Florida (possibly Miami) and I planned to go to Chicago to start the route 66-travel there. But what is a great road to follow from Florida to Illinois? One with many beautiful things to see?
Are there also any important things I have to know about travelling through the States?

With kind regards,


Hello Griet --

Thank you for writing in to Road Trip USA -- I'm glad you like the site (and hope you will check out my Road Trip USA books, which have a lot more info and images that I couldn't fit on the web. They're generally available in Europe thru )

Some important things to know about traveling in the USA: it is a big country (3000 miles across, 2000 miles top to bottom, roughly as big as all of the EU, inc Bugaria.) But the people here are generally nice, and the prices for food and drink are pretty low (though I have to warn you that our beer, and our chocolate, are nothing near as good as in Belgium!).

My main tips, after years of driving around the USA are pretty simple: don't drive at night if you can avoid it, because you won't see anything other than headlights . And take time to stop the car and get out and walk -- you 'll notice and enjoy things on foot that you never would have seen traveling at 65 mph.

As for your route from Florida to Chicago -- if you like beaches, I would suggest following the Gulf of Mexico, or veering inland to explore the "Civil Rights Movement" towns of Selma and Montgomery Alabama. Then, from New Orleans winding north through "Plantation Alley" along the Great River Road, continuing on through Memphis to St Louis (where you can veer onto RT66 to Chicago). The sections of the Great River Road in Louisiana and Mississippi are especially pretty -- rich in history and architecture, especially the lovely pre-Civil War towns like Natchez and Oxford in Mississippi. I've covered all of these in my Great River Road chapter, and in a new Road Trip USA mini-book.

From Chicago, you'll have all of Route 66 to enjoy -- by the way, one of the main figures in the RT66 world (online, at least) is a Belgian: Swa Frantzen , who made this great and very useful website (starting way back in 1994!):

Have a great trip!

Happy Trails,

Jamie Jensen
Road Trip USA

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