Thursday, April 01, 2010

Mother + Daughter Road Trip

Hi there Road Trip USA --

My 20 year old daughter will return to school in late Aug. 2010 after a gap year.

We have always talked about taking a mom and daughter cross country trip.

From a timing standpoint I think we could have a couple of weeks in early August.

We live in NC - would love to drive somewhere and fly home. We have traveled a good bit and are looking for the journey not the destination so to speak.

Am ordering your book but cannot sleep - thus the early morning email.




Hello Chris Baker --

Thank you for writing in to Road Trip USA.

A two-week road trip could take you across the country, or to just about any place in the USA you or your daughter has ever wanted to see. Summer is great time to be on the road - the days are long, so yo can get some miles under your belt and still have time to enjoy the places you pass thru. As you suggest, enjoying the journey is a great approach, especially for a trip that sounds like such a wonderful chance for you and your daughter to connect with each other.

Trying to decide _where_ to go is always a challenge, so think about what you like -- quaint towns?? Spectacular scenery? Active recreation or fine dining?? All these things are surprisingly available, once you start looking.

I have a huge variety of suggestions in my Road Trip USA book, which I think is more fun to ponder than the website, so I hope you have got your hands on a copy and that it helps you get started. Then, if you like, feel free to write me again and give me more some more direction about your likes and dislikes, then I'll try to come up with specific routes and other possibilities.

Happy Trails,

Jamie Jensen
Road Trip USA




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