Monday, September 13, 2010

Scranton to Southern California -- summer 2011

Hi Jamie,

Next summer, five of my friends and I want to take a 2 week road trip from Scranton, PA to San Diego/ Los Angeles. We definitely want to stop in Chicago (where I have family), the four corners, the Grand Canyon, Vegas, and stay for a few days in San Diego (with more family) and ultimately end up in LA where we will fly home. Obviously we want to see as many fun and exciting places between as we can, but we're a group of college students who need some help planning. Do you have any suggestions? Also, we were thinking that maybe we could rent a car or find someone who needs a car driven out to California. Do you have any ideas or know of any places where we could find this out?





Hi Courtney --

Many thanks for writing in to Road Trip USA, and sorry it took me so long to get back to you.

I hope you are still planing to take the trip -- sounds like a lot of fun. If you are looking into a "driveaway" car, you will need to be flexible -- though I suspect you will be able to find a car that needs to go from NYC-area to Chicago, without too much difficulty. The thing about "driveaway" cars is that they expect you to drive around 400 miles a day, so it can be hard to "sight-see" and take more relaxed routes -- these cars are all about getting from A to B, asap. But you can't beat the price!

Maybe you could then get a rental car for the drive from Chicago to LA or San Diego -- with all 6 of you in one car, you'd better get air conditioning, though making up the miles won't be a problem with so many drivers. Or look into another driveaway (say from Chicago to Las Vegas), and then maybe get a rental car to cruise around from your destination, at your own pace.

Ideally, someone's parents will lend you a car for the whole trip -- maybe you can sweeten the offer by inviting some car-owning family member to meet you for part of the drive (or add on another road trip, up the California coast perhaps, when you don't have 5 friends along with you...) ??

Lots of possibilities, for sure, and lots of places to see along the way, as you can tell from Road Trip USA.

Hope this helps you plan a great adventure,

Happy Trails,

Jamie Jensen
Road Trip USA


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