Monday, December 06, 2010

US-50 - best book for the drive?

Dear Sir,

I'm planning to travel over old US Route 50, from the West to East coast.

Which book do you recommend?

Many thanks in advance,

Pim B


Dear Pim --

Many thanks for writing in to Road Trip USA, and I hope you have a great trip.

As far as I know, Road Trip USA is the only real travel guidebook to Route 50 -- and if I do say so myself, it's pretty good. The Road Trip USA book is much more up to date than the website , and has much more information as well as full color maps and illustrations.

There have been a couple of "travelogues" written about driving Route 50 -- but the most recent I know of, a fun book by Jim Lilliefors called "Ain't That America", was written in the 1990s, which is a long time ago, now.

I haven't separated Route 50 into its "Loneliest Road" mini-book, as I have for Route 66 and other more famous roads, but I definitely think Route 50 is a fantastic, all-American highway. William Least-Heat Moon, the national expert on old roads and "Blue Highways", has said it's his favorite, too.

I hope you have a great trip -- and if you want more advice closer to your trip, please feel free to write me again.

Happy Trails,

Jamie Jensen
Road Trip USA


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