Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Road Trip - RV, car, or a mix?


I was SO excited to find your website! It is amazing!

My boyfriend and I are from western Australia and we are planning a big big USA trip for next summer June/Aug 2012. Both of us love the idea of a cross-country drive and we were playing with the idea of the touristy Route 66 nostalgic trip. BUT after reading the Oregon Trail..... I'm smitten. It covers everything we want to do and I'm thrilled to have come across it. 

I have a few questions though, firstly we were going to hire an RV.
 How long would it take us to do the Oregon trail roughly? Just so we can have an idea about how much the car hire will be costing us. 
Secondly, if we plan to sleep in the RV are there plenty of places we can park safely?

We are also going to drive from San Francisco (my most favorite place in the world) to LA and from LA to Vegas. 



Bec & Gonz


Hi Becs -- 

Many thanks for the nice message -- I hope I can help you plan  a great trip!  

As far as timing a cross-country drive, I recommend giving your self at east 10 days to do a trip like the "Oregon Trail" route; longer if you can linger in places like Cape Cod, or Yellowstone National Park. 

About parking overnight, as a general rule it's hard to simply park overnight in an RV, as most towns and cities have laws against sleeping in vehicles.  One exception is that the biggest chain of retail stores, Wal Mart, usually allows RVers to park in their lots overnight. But generally you still have to find and pay for a place to park -- and campgrounds for RVS can cost nearly as much as a cheap motel room.

Maybe you can do some RV-ing, and some "normal" car road tripping?  You have a long trip -- 3 months, June to August? -- and having a RV rental for the whole time could get expensive (about 4 or 5 times as much as a rental car -- RVs can cost $600 a week plus 30 cents a miles, while cars more like $200 a week with no mileage charges.)

An RV could be perfect for the wild national park areas of Utah and Arizona and the Rocky Mountains, and a car would be better for your Oregon Trail drive, and other explorations (especially in the eastern USA, where there not are so many wide open spaces!)

There's a lot to see, all over the USA -- hope you do manage to get a hand on my books, and hope they help you have a great trip! 

Happy Trails, 

Jamie Jensen
Road Trip USA

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