Tuesday, October 11, 2011

History + beaches + quaint countryside = WHERE to GO ? ?

Hello Road Trip USA ! --

I am planning my 50th birthday celebration for next Spring. As I want to do a 2-3 week road trip in the States to make sure that none of my friends or relatives throw an old age party for me.


Can you suggest where the nicest place might be in May 2012?

I want a variety of driving past farms and beaches big and little towns and a bit of history.


Fiona from Canberra (Australia)


Hello Fiona --

Many thanks for writing in to Road Trip USA, and happy half-century!


I've been thinking about what part of the USA you might enjoy the most, and I think it might be in the old "Deep South", somewhere around the great little cities of Savannah Georgia or Charleston South Carolina (or maybe even St Augustine or even Miami + Key West in Florida, if you really want to "let your hair down" in a lively nightclub or similar.)

Atlanta is fun too, and could be a good "gateway" airport for your trip, since you are coming from Down Under.

For a main destination, the Savannah / Charleston area is gorgeous, and the nearby beaches are pretty lovely -- especially the wild strands along the "Outer Banks" of North Carolina, which a bit farther away from it all. There's oodles of history all around here, from Sir Walter Raleigh to the Wright Brothers, and towns are quaint (especially Ocracoke, which would probably be my choice, since I'm not a big fan of the big crowds you'll find in Myrtle Beach or Nags Head.)

Alternatively, for a really wild time you can't beat New Orleans, and if you want to relax the white sand beaches of Panama City Florida are gorgeous. I prefer waves, but these Gulf Coast beaches are beautiful, too.

Seeing as you have a couple of weeks, you could do all these places, and add in the music-rich Mississippi Delta and Memphis, too. Lots of possibilities -- it's what a great road trip is all about!

Let me know how your plans shape up -- and Happy Birthday!

with best wishes,

Jamie Jensen
Road Trip USA


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