Friday, October 14, 2011

Seattle in September = Road Trip

Dear JJ,

My girlfriend and I are considering a roadtrip to Seattle in September next year for our honeymoon. We've been to Seattle last year for three weeks and we adored it. The cultural life as well as the beautiful suroundings. I was thinking to plan a roadtrip that lasts 2 weeks and afterwards spending 2 weeks in Seattle. I want to find the right route that combines great urban cultural experiences with wonders of the nature.

Do you have any suggestions?

We're from Belgium so we have to rent a car as well, what do you consider to be the best price-quality you can get to get from one point to another by rental car?

Kind regards,

Wieland and Evi


Hi Wieland and Evi --

A trip to Seattle sounds like a fantastic way to start off your married life -- congratulations, and good luck!

Because you already know and like the place, and because of all the complexities of travel, I am tempted to suggest you start and finish you trip with a flight in & out of Seattle. Then you can get the best deal on a rental car, and not have any worries about making it to a distant destination. Seattle is just about the best place to start a trip, because you can reach all the best places -- Yellowstone, Yosemite, San Francisco, Portland, even the high deserts of the "Wild West" in Arizona and Utah and New Mexico, without having to drive all the way across the USA.

A long-distance, one-way rental is more complicated, and more expensive -- so I think this is the best plan. And in September, you can plan on starting with a weekend at Seattle's fabulous "Bumbershoot" festival over the Labor Day weekend.

Perfect, yes?

And as you may have noticed on your first trip, the Pacific Northwest is heaven for good beer (which is something Belgium is famous for, right?). There are great breweries all over Washington and Oregon (and up in Canada, too)


I've got lots of good destination ideas in the Road Trip USA book, and here on the website, so I hope all this helps you have a very happy honeymoon.

Happy Trails,

Jamie Jensen


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