Monday, January 23, 2012

By Bicycle, across the USA!

Hi Jamie,

It's going to sound crazy, but I want to make a trip from New York City to San Francisco. We are a group of four friends and hopefully growing. we want to use a bicycle as the main transportation source. Eventually, we'd use buses, trains, rent a car for a few hundred miles, but always traveling local (no high-ways). we have from September to mid December 2012 to make the trip. so far I think the loneliest road is the one which fit, but not sure if we can do it on bicycle. Please, if you have any advice for us It will be greatly appreciated.



Hello Angel --

Many thanks for writing in to Road Trip USA, and I hope you manage to make your "crazy trip" a reality. The Loneliest Road / US-50 route sounds like a great choice -- and very "do-able" by bicycle. My main question: can't you do it earlier in the year, so you don't have to deal with November's cold and snow? Especially if you are planning to camp out while you ride across the country, going in warm, summer weather will make all the difference.

On my driving road trips, I often carry a bike with me, and two wheels are usually way better than four wheels for exploring towns and really getting a feel for the landscapes -- you never really appreciate a mountain range until you have to ride over it. Is it possible you would do some driving, and some riding? That might be a better bet if you are set on a Sept-to-December trip.

I've never done anything like a cross-country bike ride, but I have come across a website dedicated to people who done it, and kept journals of their adventures. It has a apt name: Crazy Guy on a Bike!

Hope this helps, and hope you have a great trip!

With best wishes,

Jamie Jensen
Road Trip USA


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