Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Road Trip on the Web

Hello again

A quick post to say hi and spread the word about a couple of things, First, I've noticed a fun road trip photo contest that is being sponsored by stylish Jones Soda (you can win lots of iPod accessories just by posting up cool "road trip" photos, like the one at the top of the page...)
Click here for more.

Second, we got a prize (10th Place out of 10! How great is that!!?) for this here blog, winning a green ribbon that
"... is only passed on to the most seasoned of road-travellers that opt to embark on their adventures using the humble car and/or bike as their main form of transportation, and to those with the know-how to maintain a fascinating and continuously interesting blog with regular updates as well as being a generally respectable source of information for the would-be road-tripper.

Their blogs have a wide range of content, which is both gripping and informative, as well as being of use to others with similar interests. The topics are insightful and well-written, with stories that are accompanied by additional content such as pictures in order to provide readers with a decent overall image of what the blogger is trying to relay."

To see the other, bigger better winners, click here.

More from me, soon!


Anonymous Tara said...

I found this site too - truly excellent offerings there. It's great to see all the people hitting the road and using the net to describe their wanderings.

Kudos, Jamie, by the way, for creating custom itineraries for your readers! Getting a specially created itinerary from a road tripper like you is like having a famous chef coming to cook your dinner for you.

11:01 AM  

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