Tuesday, March 16, 2010

College Summer Vacation Road Trip

Hey Jamie,

First of all, thanks for your great website. I am a college student that will be hitting the open road this summer. I'm thinking about a 6 week trip. Living in north Ga, I plan on taking advantage of a massive 5 of your routes: The Atlantic Coast, the Great Northern, the Pacific Coast, part of Route 66, and part of the Southern Pacific. I'm a photographer and a writer, so I plan on blogging about my trip online (maybe hosted for a fee on someones site), and taking as many pictures as I can, so I can come back and sell them. Needless to say, I'm quite excited.

First off, do you have any general tips for me? I get the feeling that since I'll be on a budget, I'll be car camping a lot... I've heard 24 hour places are the best for this. This might be a silly question, but what happens when you break down? I'll take any advice I can get!


David from Georgia


Hello David Morris --

Thank you for writing in to Road Trip USA, and I hope i can help with your mega-trip. If you end up doing the blog this summer, send me a link and I'll follow your progress.

As far as saving money tips, I have two slightly contradictory ideas. About 24 hour places -- yes, these are generally safe places to park and sleep in your car (WalMart for example lets RVers park overnight in their parking lots, and use their customer toilets...).

But on the other hand, cities (where these Big Box monsters tend to be found) are usually more expensive places to linger -- I prefer to camp out in wllderness areas far away from cities (public lands out west usually have the cheapest camping spots)

And about breaking down -- I'm not much good under the hood, so I recommend joining the AAA Auto Club, whose services will help keep you on the road, or tow your vehicle to a place that can fix it.

Hope these tidbits help -- sounds like you've got a great round-the-USA tour ahead of you this summer.

Happy Trails,

Jamie Jensen

PS: If yo get a chance to check it out in a bookstore or library, there is a lot more good fun info in the full color, 900-page book version of Road Trip USA than what I've squeezed up onto the website.



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