Saturday, March 27, 2010

Great River Road Trip

Hey Road Trip USA --

I am planning a run on “The Great River Road” in May and would like to purchase a new copy if they have been updated.


Dear Wes --

Thank you for writing in to Road Trip USA -- and you're in luck: I just updated the Great River Road chapter for a new "mini-book," which was published this week. I did a pretty thorough job on the new edition, and am sure it will be of more use than the 10-year-old text you've been using. These mini-books are priced for this current economic Great Recession -- Amazon has them for around $7 (the cost of a couple gallons of gas, these days...)

Thanks very much for writing -- hope you have a great trip.

(And please write in again with any updates / notes / discoveries you care to share!)

Happy Trails,

Jamie Jensen
Road Trip USA


Hey Jamie

That's Good News -- very cool.

I have been talking about your book to folks since I first discovered it, years ago. My copy has been through 2 older Porsches, a 2000 Vette Convertible and now a 2004 Vette convertible. When last we road tripped, we went out RT 2 to Glacier (from SSt Marie) and came back on RT 50. We live in South Western VA about 20 miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway. We used your book for a trip to New England, and a trip down the East Coast on 17/1/A1A. We also did a run down the 66 corridor out to New Mexico then up through Utah and back across and we used the book when we flew to San Diego to go down to Baja.

I retired a couple years ago, and now we are better able to plan the time we need for extended road trips. The Great River Road is first on our list. Funny thing is we were planning the same trip, and would have been in New Orleans when Katrina hit. We ended up postponing and what good fortune that was. We are still looking forward to driving the West Coast from Canada to Mexico. That will probably be next year. I will buy your updated mini book for this year’s trip, and will continue to extol the virtues of your main book.


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