Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Great Northern from Down Under

Hi Jamie,

Planning to do the U2 starting in New York as far as Kalispell then taking highway 93 with a plan of ending up in LA.

We would be hiring an RV and think we will allow 4 -5 weeks to complete the trip. We are used to outback travel in Australia.

My question - Is 4 - 5 weeks long enough??

Peter from Down Under


Hi Peter --

Thanks for writing in to Road Trip USA -- I'm glad to hear you are going to join the flood of Aussies coming over to the US to take advantage of favorable exchange rates. Our tourism businesses could use your money!

Joking aside, to answer your question: Yes, 4 weeks is plenty of time to have a great trip, from NY to Montana to LA, without being in any kind of rush.

I'd suggest that you add in the Canadian Rockies, too, while you're "in the neighborhood." And if you can swing 5 weeks, that would be even better, since there is so much to see and do along the way.

Let me know how your plans shape up, and I'll try to give you some more detailed tips, closer to your trip.

Happy Trails,

Jamie Jensen
Road Trip USA

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