Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Young Aussies in America

Hi Jamie

I just stumbled onto your website and was wondering if you could help my friend and I. We are from Australia and are doing the big American road trip for my 21st. Our lack of knowledge on an American road trip is limited and any advise and places to visit would be great. We want to travel from New york to Los Angeles or vice versa in September. We have a month in America and want to see all the sites. Any info on such an epic trip would be amazing!




Hi Steph --

Thanks for writing in to Road Trip USA -- September is a good time to travel around America, and a month is plenty of time to have an epic, SF to New York to New Orleans (?) and Los Angeles road trip. In my Road Trip USA book I have nearly 1000 pages of suggestions for places to visit and roads to drive, so I hope you are able to check it out -- or at least spend some time test-driving my road trips on the RoadTripUSA.Com website.

There is so much to see and do in America, I think you 'll have a blast. The one possible problem comes from you being so darn young. Even at 21, when you are legal to do most anything else you might like to do in the USA, renting a car is still a pain, and companies that do rent to you might want you to pay a surcharge. Do you (and/or your friend) have a driver's license and a credit card? Those are basically essential, as well.

But the rest of the trip should be fun -- traveling in the US is really easy, and fairly cheap (especially for you resource-rich Australians -- I understand your dollar is worth a lot more over here than it used to be...)

Seeing "all the sights" could be a challenge, but I am sure you will see plenty of wonders along the way. Please feel free to write me again, once you've sketched out a more detailed plan -- and I hope you have a very happy 21st!

Happy Trails,

Jamie Jensen
Road Trip USA



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