Tuesday, February 22, 2011

NYC to Boston -- best route?

Hi Jamie

My friend and I are coming over (from Australia) to the states for a trip. A small part of our holiday is dedicated to a road trip between NYC and Boston. A friend told me about your site and books and when I visited your website I noticed that you can provide advice for trips. So, I'm emailing to ask if there are particular stops or routes you would recommend for our road trip.

Any tips are greatly appreciated.

Best wishes



Hi Lisa --

Thank you for writing in to Road Trip USA, and many thanks to your friend for spreading the word about my website, and my Road Trip USA books!

So, you're taking a road trip between New York City and Boston? You could do the drive in around 5 hours, following the busy I-95 freeway, but this would not be much of an edifying or memorable experience.

Fortunately, there are any other nicer routes, which will get you there and give you something to look forward to along the way. Question is, what do you like? Some people would make trips to see historic sights (of which there are millions here), while others like me might go off in search of the perfect piece of pizza. (If your holy grail includes the ideal hot dog, I'd recommend a stop off I-95 in Fairfield CT at SuperDuperWeenie's (URL: http://www.superduperweenie.com/ )


For scenery and more "cultivated" interests, one good route I know pretty well follows along the famous Appalachian Trail hiking route, north from the Hudson River Valley outside NYC, then along US-7 in western Connecticut and up into the lovely Berkshires of western Massachusetts, from where you could veer east, along the Mass Turnpike (I-90) or the more enjoyable Mohawk Trail (Route 2) into Boston.

You'd want a couple of days to really enjoy this trip, but if the weather cooperates and you get to see the sights, traveling here in western New England is an amazing experience -- there are just so many literary / artistic / scenic spots to enjoy along the way.

I cover these routes in the book Road Trip USA, and there are some descriptions on the RoadTripUSA.com website (under the Appalachian Trail and Oregon Trail chapters. )

Hope this helps you have a great trip!

Happy Trails,

Jamie Jensen
Road Trip USA



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