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April 2011 - Four Corners - RV - Road Trip!

Dear James

I have just come across your site and your book Road Trip USA, I will definitely be going to buy it this week.

My husband, myself and our two children (ages 20 and 17!) are heading to the USA in April of this year and are planning a road trip and are bit undecided about which way we should go. We really want to see some of the country side and wondered if we have made the right decision.

We are arriving in Atlanta in early April and are hoping to hire a car until around the 16th. This first part of our trip is pretty much sorted as our son is doing some motocross training in Cairo, Georgia.

Then we are going to drive from Alabama across to Las Vegas, hopefully in about 7 days, in a motor home (leaving Alabama on 17 April). We are hoping to leave Alabama and travel to Memphis, on to Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Utah and arriving in Las Vegas around 24 or 25 April.

Then we will then swap the motor home for a car and travel up to Yosemite and San Francisco and finally back down the coast to LA. We hope to have about a week in LA to do all the tourist things.

I look forward to your advice.



Dear Meaghan --

Many thanks for writing in to Road Trip USA, and I hope I can help you have a great trip. Hope you like my book!

Reading over your plans, I want to reassure you that you do indeed have a very good approach to seeing America. Don't worry.

(I'm not so sure about the wisdom of motocross training though -- that can be dangerous!..)


April is a very good time to be seeing many of the places you'll be passing through -- especially in the Deep South, which maybe you can tour while your son is riding his motocross bike (?). If I can suggest some places to aim for, I'd say make sure you try to go down to the Gulf Coast (Panama City is very poplar with 20-somethings), to historic town of Natchez and Vicksburg in Mississippi, Memphis in Tennessee, and of course to New Orleans , which is one of the most intriguing cities in the USA.

Further west, I think you will enjoy exploring Colorado and Utah, for all the National Parks and also for the human history of the Four Corners regions, where there are many cliff palaces and other photogenic remnants of ancient Native Americans. Mesa Verde National Park is spectacular.

If you can make it north to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons in Wyoming, that is pretty amazing country as well. That all-American Mount Rushmore is in the Yellowstone neighborhood, too, so maybe you can veer north from Kansas and add this to your itinerary.

Or if the weather doesn't look so promising, as an alternative you could drive across the USA on more southerly route -- west Texas is lovely, while Arizona and the Grand Canyon are amazing in April.

After Las Vegas, I think it's a good plan to drop the RV and get in a car -- and California, starting with Death Valley, should be looking very handsome in April. Yosemite's another place where you will want to stay for at least a couple of days -- it is breathtaking, and the waterfalls should be at their most impressive when you are there.

Then SF, down the coast via Big Sur?, and on to LA.

Sounds like a great trip -- hope this brief advice, and my book, help you all have a great time.

Happy Trails,

Jamie Jensen
Road Trip USA

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