Tuesday, March 15, 2011

NY to Florida Road Trip, May / June 2011

Hi Jamie.

I am in Australia and have had your book Road Trip USA for about 12 months and really enjoy reading about the numerous journeys.
Getting out on the road is my idea of a holiday experience.
In your opinion, would 14 days be enough time to do the Atlantic Coast trip justice?
My plan is to leave NY on the 21st of May, drive down to Key West then back to Miami for a departure around the 5th of June.

Additionally, is the weather at that time of year (generally) suitable for the journey?
As it’s only 2000 miles I’m guessing 2 weeks is enough, leaving time to be flexible but any assistance/thoughts you can give would be appreciated.

Best wishes and happy driving.



Dear Glen --

Many thanks for your message, and I am very pleased you have been enjoying my book.

Your trip sounds great, and you have plenty of time to enjoy your trip. May can be a beautiful time of year, as the weather is good and the crowds aren't yet out on their summer vacations. Many of the coastal towns are still sleepy in April, but wake up with a vengeance by the end of May .

(Seeing as you are not a fellow American, I feel I should let you know that May 28-30th is Memorial Day Weekend, our traditional start of summer, so you may encounter some crowds then, especially in big resort towns like Myrtle Beach SC or Fort Lauderdale FL.)

The Outer Banks of North Carolina, and the Florida Keys, are both very pretty parts of the world, so I hope you have a great trip!

I may in fact be making a similar road trip, around the same time but in the opposite direction, so for both our sakes I hope it's smooth sailing and fine weather.

Happy Trails,

Jamie Jensen
Road Trip USA

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