Tuesday, October 11, 2011

California to NYC in 9 Days - with Dog (and a Blog!)

Hi Jamie,

My hubby and I are relocating to New Jersey from Sacramento and are taking our dog for a road trip while the movers are moving our stuff.

I thought you might have some good ideas of places to see and where to eat on our travels. We're thinking about doing the reverse Oregon Trail and stopping in Yellowstone, Minneapolis (to visit family) and see friends in Chicago. Are there any must-see spots?

Since we have to cover about 3200 miles in 9 days we think we should plan our route and doggie friendly hotels and restaurants ahead of time. Do you know of any online tools or applications that make road trip planning easier? Or do you just use Google maps? Are there any cool iPad apps for the road?

Thanks for your time!



Hi Kristen --

Thanks for writing in to Road Trip USA, and sorry I took so long to write back. I wish I'd read your "PS" before today...

If for some reason you delayed your trip or still need some advice, please write me back. I used to live in Sacramento, and have the done that "Loneliest Road" drive a number of times. Yellowstone + Chicago too -- sounds like a great trip.

Sorry I was so useless this time, but next time we should have our own Road Trip USA iPad app (or at least an eBook) to help you across the country.

With best wishes,

Jamie Jensen
Road Trip USA

PS: is there such a thing as a "dog friendly" restaurant? I thought that's why we have so mnany drive-thrus...



Hi Jamie,

Thanks for your reply, and we wanted to let you know we had a fabulous trip!

I actually blogged about it here:

And yes: there are some doggie friendly places to eat (usually consisting of an outside patio, complimentary treats and water bowls.)

Thanks for your thoughts -- looking forward to your iPad app!




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