Thursday, November 17, 2011

West Coast vs. East Coast for a One Month Road Trip?

Hi there,

I am an Australian and my partner and I are planning a USA road trip holiday for September next year.... We were hoping to fit seeing as much of the USA as physically possible within 1 month. Our plan was to fly into New York and drive along the east coast to Miami within 2 weeks and then fly over the west coast and drive from California to Seattle (via Las Vegas and grand canyon) in 2 weeks.

Do you think this is possible or are we trying to fit itoo much in and wouldn't allow time to stop and explore? We are young so constantly being on the go suites us fine, but we don't want to pass through places so quickly that we don't get a feel for them either.

Or alternatively can you suggest a better route for us? We are really into the landscape and really would love to see a wide variety of natural landscape that USA has to offer. We are not so much into the typical tourist attractions but definitely want to experience New York city and Las Vegas.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.




Hi Suzy --

Thank you for writing in to Road Trip USA.

Your plans for an East Coast + West Coast, two-center tour sound just about perfect. I think you might want to allow a little more than half your time out West, because there is that much more to see, and it's so much bigger, too. If I had a full month, think I'd give myself 12 days for NYC to Miami, then a flight, then 18 days for LA - Route 66 to Grand Canyon / Sedona / then Las Vegas - Death Valley - Yosemite - San Francisco - Portland - Seattle + national parks ...

I'm thinking 4 or 5 days just in NYC, then get a car a cruise the coast and mountains, which should all be at peak condition in September.

Hope this helps -- Happy Trails,

Jamie Jensen
Road Trip USA


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