Monday, January 23, 2012

Milwaukee to Georgia, in a week in March?


My husband and I are taking 7-10 days in March to plan a road trip. We live in southern Wisconsin (near Milwaukee). We don't know too much about where we want to go, we just want to see a lot of new things and experience each other's company while traveling! We like the idea of the Atlantic Coast. Do you think we have enough to travel from Wisconsin to Georgia, along the Atlantic Coast, in 7 - 10 days?

Thanks for your advice!

ps- I love your website!



Hi here Sarah --

Many thanks for your kind words about my Road Trip USA website -- I hope some day you get a chance to check out my Road Trip USA book, which has a ton more ideas and info and photos and maps and more.

From southern Wisconsin you can get to a lot of great places in 7-10 days (there and back, right?). I have a friend who drives from Chicago to New Orleans every year, taking a very long day to drive each way, and spending a few days hanging out at Snug Harbor, so you can have quite trip in 10 days, for sure.

March is not always ideal, weather wise -- though you could find yourself in Savannah for St. Patricks Day, which is usually a blast. The Sea Islands around Brunswick, and Jekyll Island / Cumberland Island, are also really lovely -- the whole southeast has all sorts of delightful places (like Charleston and Beaufort SC, and the Outer Banks, if you like food, surfing, or history...)

And the Cajun Country around New Orleans is pretty intriguing, too. Not to mention Memphis, or Natchez, or the myriad of Civil War and other sights to see.

You could do a very nice loop, even making it up to Asheville NC and the Appalachians, if the weather cooperates. Lots of possibilities, for sure -- and a road trip is definitely a great way to "experience each others' company" while seeing some of these great places.

Hope this belated reply helps inspire you to take a great trip.

Happy Trails,

Jamie Jensen
Road Trip USA


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