Friday, August 14, 2009

Missouri to Colorado -- Route 66 and more!

Subject: Would love your advice..

My husband and I have decided to take a road trip to from Springfield, MO to CO, in early August. We plan to be gone only 7 days (this could be negotiable). We are in our early 50's with no younger children, and will be making the trip in our personal vehicle. What route would you recommend, and what are the MUST SEE'S for a trip such as this. Additionally, we have heard that we can return via a southern route which could include Santa Fe.

What are your thoughts and advice?



Dear Barb --

Thank you for writing in to Road Trip USA -- and sorry it took me so long to reply. I hope I catch your before you head off, or if you're on the road I hope I'm not too late to help with your travel plans.

Your trip sounds very interesting -- you say Springfield MO to Colorado in 7 days, and I assume you're making this a round trip (it's not a one-way, is it?) .

From Springfield the obvious Road Trip route west would be Route 66, which crosses some of its best stretches in nearby Oklahoma -- I really like the Will Rogers country east of Tulsa, where the old road is still the main way to go. (And where Vinita's fantastic Will Rogers Rodeo kicks off on Aug 25th!)

If you wanted to take Route 66 all the way to Santa Fe (or maybe use this as your return route...), it is easy to veer north into the lovely parts of SW Colorado -- the San Juan and Sangre de Cristo Mountains on the NM/CO border are some of the wildest and prettiest parts of the whole USA.

Another great drive in this region is the famous Million Dollar Highway, which runs north from Durango and Silverton, over some of the highest passes in the country. All safe and easy to drive, but spectacular to see.

Another favorite place of mine in Colorado is the town of Manitou Springs, at the base of iconic Pike's Peak. From here you can head back east to Springfield -- via US50, which follows in the path of the historic Santa Fe Trail.

This Road Trip route works equally well going counterclockwise -- Springfield MO to Kansas City then west on US50 (covered in my Loneliest Road chapter, in Road Trip USA) to Colorado, then back east via Santa Fe and Route 66.

Please write me again if there's still time for me to help -- and once again accept my apologies for my slow response. I hope you've enjoyed my website, and that you get a chance to look at my book.

Have a great trip, and

Happy Trails,

Jamie Jensen
Road Trip USA


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