Monday, April 05, 2010

Baseball's Back -- Time for a Road Trip!

In case you haven't yet marked up your calendars, baseball season is officially back. After the Yankees-Red Sox extravaganza last night, the traditional first game in Cincinnati (home to baseball's oldest professional team) got underway just a few minutes ago, and there will be more than 2400 more games in ~ 28 cities around the country, all summer long.

Not to mention the thousands of other games played in the minor leagues, in smaller towns and smaller (and cheaper, and usually more characterful) ballparks all over the USA.

USA Today ran a short story today about some of the best minor league destinations, and I have included details for about 70 major and minor league teams in Road Trip USA. So start planning your baseball pilgrimage (as another baseball obsessed website has named it) today

Batter Up!


Anonymous Kamilla said...

Hi Jamie! Thank you for a good website! Me and four of my girlfriends are going to the US 6th may and are staying until 4th august. We are doing a roadtrip from New york- San Fran : )

Ofcourse we want to do all american stuff, and seeing a real baseball match is defiently one of them!! I'vew searched the site : but i did find it hard to look things up there. So my question for you is if there are any other sites? And about how much does a good baseballmatch costs ?

Thank you so much!
And if you have time you can visit our blog ; during our trip!



5:18 AM  

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