Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Southern Pacific

Hey Jamie

I recently bought your Road Trip USA book (which I must say is fantastic) and am now planning to do the "Southern Pacific" route next year -- in 2011. At the minute, my plans are extremely hazy apart from planning to do it in 3 weeks.

I want it to be as much of an 'adventure' as possible and, therefore, am proposing to only book my flights and car hire before I go - meaning that overnight accommodation will be booked when I arrive in the USA and where I will stay will depend on how much I want to drive on each day.

I would value your advice on what things I need to bear in mind when planning the trip (including the booking of accommodation) and any particular highlights which are a must to take in during my trip. I'm planning to do the trip with a male friend - if the gender of my travel companions would potentially affect any advice which you would give.

Thanks for your time, it's greatly appreciated.



Hi Jon --

Thank you for writing in to Road Trip USA - and for buying my book, which I'm pleased you like. The Southern Pacific route is a great way to experience the huge variety the USA has to offer -- scenery, culture, food, you name it, it's out there. 3 weeks is a very good amount of time -- is that for a one-way, or a there-and-back double cross-country road trip? Either way is good -- I always like coming back to places, even more than seeing them for the first time.

Though I agree with your plan to book places to stay as you go, I might suggest you make plans for your first night at least -- just so you don't get overwhelmed upon arrival.

By the way, you didn't say where you are coming from -- or which end of the route you are starting at -- or what time of year you are planning to come -- all these are keys to what places I might recommend Tell me a bit more about what you like -- hiking, eating, architectural history, pop music...? -- and I'll send you back some specific suggestions. But there is definitely no shortage of stops you'll want to make!

For now, happy trails,

All best,

Jamie Jensen



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