Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Loneliest Road - langsam

Hey Jamie,

Greetings from orange county -- I found your website as i was looking for routes to cross the US from west to east.

What a great collection of routes you exhibit.

I grew up in "the old world" (Germany) and after school i was traveling all over europe by train. Since 6 months i live in beautiful southern california and i am dreaming of exploring this continent as i did 10 years ago in europe.

Coming as I do from such a densely populated area as europe, your description of "the loneliest road" sounds so magic to me.

Thank you for this great resource!



Hallo Gerhard --

Thanks for your nice message -- or should I say "Vielen Dank" für Ihre sehr nette Meldung !

I lived in Germany (in Berlin!) for much of last year, but am a native Los Angeles boy, so have a similar but somewhat opposite sense of the Old vs. New Worlds. I really enjoy wandering around cramped medieval streets of cities like Venice (or even Meissen), but I have always found myself drawn to the wide-open spaces of the American Wild West -- and the Loneliest Road across Nevada is about as wild and open as they get. In terms of great roads, the nearest rival I know of to the "Loneliest Road" is also in Nevada: the long and lonely stretch of US-93, north of Las Vegas. US-93, my "Border to Border" route, is another great road to drive -- even if it runs north-south, rather than coast to coast.

Let me know how your cross-country travel plans shape up -- and wherever you go, I wish you "Happy Trails"!

Ich hoffe, dass Sie eine große Reise haben,

Jamie Jensen
Road Trip USA

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