Tuesday, March 15, 2011

An African in America!

Hi Jamie,

My name is Jimmy and I am originally Eritrean but have lived in Sweden for more than 30 Years that is since I was 10 years old. My long time dream has always been to take a road trip through the USA. And now more than ever it feels like high time for it cause of one special person who lives in Minnesota. So my question is how can I combine driving from east or west cost and end the gurney at her door, after seeing the best sights the US has to offer or start at her door if she would be willing to travel with me on the road. Which ever way I would love to know the best & short route through this great continent and an info on what not to miss or recommendation on must see places that I can fit during my stay, I would love to get an idea on how much money I need to carry too make this dream happen. Considering: flight, car rental or buy an old one, food, where to stay in a sense I am speaking of 2-3 weeks of stay from the time I land till the time I get back home to Stockholm Sweden. Your answer is much anticipated!!

Thank you in advance!



Hi Jimmy --

Thank you for your nice note -- I hope your dreams, for love and road trips, all come true!

The best advice I can offer for your adventure to Minnesota would be to suggest that you travel in summer -- even someone from Sweden will find the Great Lakes to be challengingly cold in Winter! Autumn (October...) also be nice -- and traveling with someone will be even nicer, so I hope your special person is able to join you. Flights + car + food + lodging will probably run you $4000 for a 2 week trip -- though I don't what they adds up to in Swedish Kroner.

We Americans complain about high fuel prices, but I am sure what we pay is a lot less than the price in Sweden. Same for food and lodging -- these will add up to about $100 a day. America is a pretty inexpensive place to visit -- your main expense will be the flight across the Atlantic.

Hope this helps,

Happy Trails,

Jamie Jensen
Road Trip USA

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