Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Speed Traps on Route 66

Hey Jamie

Thanks for a great book. My cousin and I just finished an amazing 12k mile road trip across the country using it as a guide.

But: In future books you should put in warnings about speed traps - it would make for a much more pleasant and less expensive trip. We got pulled over at Luther Oklahoma and it was quite unpleasant and costly. Below is a letter from the Executive Director of the Oklahoma Route 66 Association who also acknowledges this problem.

On brighter news, we had a news story written about our drive on Route 66. Overall a fun time except for that stretch. Thanks for all the hard work.



Thank you,



Here is a copy of the letter I wrote:

Dear Route 66 --

I'd like to complain about a Speed Trap in Luther, Oklahoma. It cost me $150 and has turned me off from driving in this stretch of Route 66. And I'm not alone.


and here is their reply:

I am so sorry you had a bad experience in Luther. Luther and Arcadia are both known to be speed traps. I assure you that these areas are the exception, not the rule for the Oklahoma Route 66 towns.

Marilyn E
Executive Director
Oklahoma Route 66 Association


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